Wellness is a choice...

Wellness is a choice...

But is it?

If you'd take a look at numerous blogs, YouTube videos, TikToks, Instagram posts...you'd begin to think that wellness is as easy as pouring up a cup of matcha in the morning and placing the hashtag #selfcaresunday under your post.

Perhaps you'd need to meditate more or stress less. 

This is the narrative that I told myself for years that led to major impostor syndrome when attempting to pursue wellness. I have the attention span of a gnat so I beat myself up each time I struggled to meditate. I hate the taste of matcha, so I wondered if I were the problem.

I still haven't mastered the whipped coffee.

well, it was this exact impostor syndrome that led me to start Gidan + Uzuri. I'm not the girl to spend $200 on a self-care routine. I'd be thinking the entire time about how much I spent. 

I wanted my self-care routine to feel like more of a celebration of the freaking phenomenal person that I am instead of the person that I should be. It's about celebration over destination. 

Let's face it. Wellness today isn't as accessible as it should be. I'm on a mission to find every way to make it more accessible and equitable. It's a long journey but the journey is fun and I'm happy that you're choosing to come along with us..with all of your baggage and reasons why you "can't" enjoy the fruits of your labor.


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